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  • Experience: x10
  • Gold Drop: x15
  • Item Drop: x10
  • Honor: x2
  • Reputation: x3
  • Experience: x5
  • Gold Drop: x3
  • Item Drop: x3
  • Honor: x3
  • Reputation: x3
  • Experience: x5
  • Gold Drop: x3
  • Item Drop: x3
  • Honor: x3
  • Reputation: x3
Ok the winds are going the right direction... Lets do this thing!
By Blackswann, 18:58, 23 Aug 2016
OK members of NE and haters for that it matters...
anyone that wants to be involved in NE going forward needs to attend a meeting on Saturday Aug 27th for STAFF at 9am PST (my time) and 4pm GMT... TS3 be there or be square... I am doing a public meeting at 10am PST and 5pm GMT to discuss issues as well...
See ya Saturday!!!
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Winds of change
By Blackswann, 01:40, 13 Aug 2016
To the entire Neverendless-Wow universe and all those that have come and gone over the years.
Hello Folks, Longtime no see or hear from me huh???
Well Real Life has been kicking me around a great deal over the last year to say the least. I have had many major RL changes and am finally getting back to a place that I can once again focus on my beloved NE.
While I was away many people have left, quit or whatever the case. I am going to be making so big changes to the server. Probably closes the two extra realms and focusing strictly on WotLK. We are also considering several other changes to our humble home in Azeroth. The most inmportat to the player base would potentially be resetting the database and removing custom items. Now before anyone goes on a rant here in comments, lets clearly understand that NOTHING is decided as of now. Many many hours of discussion and debate are going to occur prior to any changes. We have done very well in the past but the future needs to be...
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New Neverendless daily events schedule
By Jem, 16:32, 12 Dec 2015
We are posting a regular events schedule for your knowledge. This way you will know what event is on what day. We hope this helps you enjoy your time with us here on Neverendless.
Monday : Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday : Battleground
Wed : RR
Thursday : RDF
Friday : ICC
Saturday : City Raid
All events will be held at 20:00 in game time.

Join us for some fun!!!
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Voting Points Issue
By Jem, 20:14, 15 Sep 2015
Due to a technical issue with the system that sends out the vote points, we were not able to reward the vote points as usual on September 14th.
We are currently working on resolving the issue as fast as we can and will send out the points as soon as it is fixed. Until that time please keep voting as your accounts will still be keeping track of each vote you make.
NOTE: The has been resolved and points have been sent. Sept. 17, 2015
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7th Anniversary Out-Of-Game Events
By Jem, 10:50, 09 Jul 2015
We will be having some Out-of-Game forums events that you can participate during the anniversary that will give you more rewards. These rewards will include chips, Neverendless Doubloons , Frost Emblems , Wintergrasp Commendations and the Neverendless 7th Anniversary shirt .
Please check out the Forums Event section from July 10th-12th for the posted events or return to this post for direct links to each event as they are posted. There will be 1-2 events posted each day from July 10-12th.
Remember you will have approximately 24 hours to provide your answer to enter each event and that all qualifying entries will receive rewards as specified in each event's instructions, although only the top 3 will get chips. Rewards will be sent out as fast as possible but please be patient.
NOTE: All reward items from this event except [Emblem of Frost] are account bound and are movable between characters on the account they are sent to, SO choose your character wisely as the...
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Neverendless 7th Anniversary Schedule
By Jem, 17:46, 06 Jul 2015
The Anniversary is almost here!!
Below is the tentative * event schedule:
Friday July 10th:
4:00/16:00ST (10:00EST) - Maze event
6:30/18:30ST (12:30EST) - Multi-Item Scavenger
8:30/20:30ST (2:30/14:30EST) - City Raid
11:00/23:00ST (5:00/17:00EST) - Jump event
1:00ST (7:00/19:00EST) - Bomb Dodge

Saturday July 11th:
3:30/15:30ST (9:30EST) - Jump event
6:00/18:00ST (12:00EST) - Noggenfogger Roulette
8:00/20:00ST (2:00/14:00EST) - Running of the Bulls
10:30/22:30ST (4:30/16:00EST) - Multi-Item scavenger
12:30/0:30ST (6:30/18:30EST) - City Raid or 10v10
2:00ST (8:00/20:00EST) - Maze event

Sunday July 12th:
4:00/16:00ST (10:00EST) - Bomb Dodge
6:30/18:30ST (12:30EST) - Jump or Maze event
8:00/20:00ST (2:00/14:00EST) - City or 10V10
11:00/23:00ST (5:00/17:00EST) - NF Roulette
1:00ST (7:00/19:00EST) - Closing
NOTE: Server Time (ST) = GMT +2 currently
* All times and actual events hosted are subject to change based...
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Neverendless Anniversary Time is Almost Here!!
By Jem, 12:52, 28 Jun 2015
Yeah its that time of year again. Time is almost here for the Neverendless celebrations. Get your calendars out!
This year we will be having the Anniversary from Friday July 10th until Sunday July 12th. As always there will be events in and out of game to help celebrate. We will be announcing a schedule closer to the date with times and events so you can plan to be available to participate in your favorite events.
To prepare your characters to participate, if you have not played your accounts recently and your characters have customs, you will need to reclaim your custom items as we are now using a new custom system. You can find out more about reclaiming your items in the new system by reading the guide here .
If you have already reclaimed your items and are still missing some Customs then please fill in a Did Not Receive Custom Item support ticket to have your Custom item(s) resent. Please keep in mind that this form is for Custom Items only, and all...
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Please Welcome Crogge to the Neverendless Family
By Jem, 12:56, 06 Jun 2015
As Blackswann said in his Long Over Due Update article , his RL has been very chaotic the last year so there has been at times he has been unable to deal with the day to day duties of running Neverendless. Because of this, and more anticipated RL issues that will be keeping him busy, Blackswann has requested that Crogge be here to be his proxy.
Fear not - Blackswann is not leaving Neverendless! He will still be the owner! Crogge is just going to be here to help deal with the day to day issues an owner needs to deal with, to make decisions when Blackswann is unavailable and to be around to help where ever needed. Blackswann will be getting updated regularly and be involved in any major decisions being made and of course still be around to talk.


And now a little about Crogge. Crogge has been our server host (the person who actually provides the hardware the server runs on) for years. He also is an owner of a WoW server, Crogge's server for many years, which...
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Transfer Packages
By Jem, 11:44, 27 May 2015
You asked for it...so Neverendless will be extending the transfer package special offer. The offer will now go until July 31st (Midnight server time). The offer is reprinted beneath so you can see what is being offered.


The wait is over!! Now players can transfer a qualifying character from another qualified WoW server to the Arthas 3.3.5 realm at Neverendless.
In order to keep things balanced, fair and simple we have decided to provide pre-defined transfer options which you can see from the chart below. The Basic (Package #1) for Free option or the Deluxe (Package #2) upgraded option for 75 Chips. By using these options it allows us to accept players from retail or MOP and Cata severs and have appropriate gear to give them as their current gear would be too high a level for our Wrath server. We also want players to join Neverendless with decent gear and be able to get right into PvPing, Dungeon/Raid running or joining events as soon as they log into our...
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Long over due update
By Blackswann, 12:32, 22 May 2015
It has been a long time since I have spoken in the forums to you all. The fact is that my RL has been chaotic to say the least. I have had significant health issues and been in the hospital half a dozen time in the last year. The burdens of running NE has fallen on staff and many of those staff have not be up to the job. We will soon be celebrating our anniversary for our 7th full year of service to the community. During that time we have grown, fallen, changed and all sorts of other things. NE is a fulltime job to be very honest. We have been lucky to have people on staff that have made NE what it is today. With everything that has gone on here at NE there is always change. Now is time for some changes once again.
Our direct operations leader for the past few years has been Ysabel. With he current RL situation she is no longer able to take the active role that is needed on a day to day basis. Ysa is going to be stepping down as the director effective immediately. This is not a...
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