Server Maintenance Update
(by Viarax at 00:23, 20 Aug 2017)
Hi Neverendless,

The last backup has been completed and is been processed.

We are now converting the backup to the new realm / core.

We have turned on the old realm again so you can play while new realm is finished.

Any changes / items / quests done on the old realm now will not be transferred to the new realm.

We expect to have the new realm / core online within 24 hours, If this changes we will let you know on the website

Keep your eye on the website for updates
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Please Welcome Crogge to the Neverendless Family

By Jem, 17:56, 06 Jun 2015

As Blackswann said in his Long Over Due Update article, his RL has been very chaotic the last year so there has been at times he has been unable to deal with the day to day duties of running Neverendless. Because of this, and more anticipated RL issues that will be keeping him busy, Blackswann has requested that Crogge be here to be his proxy.

Fear not - Blackswann is not leaving Neverendless! He will still be the owner! Crogge is just going to be here to help deal with the day to day issues an owner needs to deal with, to make decisions when Blackswann is unavailable and to be around to help where ever needed. Blackswann will be getting updated regularly and be involved in any major decisions being made and of course still be around to talk.


And now a little about Crogge. Crogge has been our server host (the person who actually provides the hardware the server runs on) for years. He also is an owner of a WoW server, Crogge's server for many years, which is a TBC (2.4.3 patch) realm and has been in the Pserver scene since 2006. This all makes him very used to the unique challenges required to run a private WoW server and he will be a great assest to the Neverendless family with all his knowledge and experience.

So please remember that while Crogge will have the Administrator tag (not the owner tag) he does represent the owner and will be there to make the decisions and do the usual stuff an owner is required to do. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message Crogge or myself or make a General Support Ticket.


Comments (45)

80 Blood Elf Mage
We Feed Off Tears
18:59, 23 Jun 2015

Well, instant 80 full wrath probably wont happen. I went on a tirade about that idea about a year ago.

But what about cross faction raiding/bg's? There's an idea I have seen implemented on other less awesome servers to mitigate population issues.

80 Human Priest
We Never Walk Alone
23:44, 25 Jun 2015

Don't tell me i should stay here for 1 hour, i guess that i can leave the game opened and afk, but that wont change the fact that at this moment im online with 8 other people, 6 of them probably bots.

80 Blood Elf Mage
The New Tide
04:53, 28 Jun 2015

No one plays on this realm

80 Tauren Druid
The New Tide
09:18, 28 Jun 2015

A lot of people are here just waiting for the good moment to come back again! ;)
Go NE don't listen to nabs ;).

Wonchitung I'm gonna kick u from TNT ahahah xD

80 Human Mage
Defenders Of The Crown
11:57, 28 Jun 2015

Crogge, rather than tanking solo.....

We all would suggest one thing, ask to every one of us either through forum/post/news , get everyone's feed back.

Find pros/cons of what our server lack over other server and what we have advantage & disadvantage compare your ideas/promotion with that and put your ideas/promotions in to our server.

There are certainly some of pros/cons with our server, that need to be rectify . Over the years that weren't resolved was the reason of resulting in to low pops..

Involve all of us, find what we guys want in this sever to gain back its old times and implement what you have by comparing our feed backs.

Mere fact Bobby was misguided by some of admin team over the years and that leads some inappropriate implementation resulted this current situation.