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Imediate need!
Imediate need!



24/05/2022 06:55:33

Hello NE,
Are you a FB, Twitter, IG, Tiktok Guru? If you are we need you. We are preparing for a flurry of media campaigns and I am not able to do them all myself. Therefore we need a media guru that can spend the time to set up and maintain the NE social media presence on a daily. I will compensate this person with items from the game and if we get rolling it could become a paid gig. Send me a DM in discord if interested.

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Solitude Yopa BuggedBoy


BattleMaster Supervisor

25/05/2022 09:58:58

Sheesh, let's go! :D



29/05/2022 01:47:21

I am interested! Old player here of NE! What's your discord?

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BuggedBoy Solitude


GameMaster Supervisor

30/05/2022 10:14:20

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


BattleMaster Supervisor

05/06/2022 05:38:13

That went not so well, Blackswann his discord is Blackswann#4828



12/07/2022 08:43:21

Hi there.. Coming back after long long time.. Feeling Happy. 

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DevSa Solitude NOStalgic


BattleMaster Supervisor

28/07/2022 12:55:27

Welcome back DevSa!

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01/09/2022 01:04:47

Hey, I tried navigating through the website and couldn't find a way to download the client. Could anyone try to post a link to the downloads page?



16/10/2022 03:47:13

Realy love Blasckswann's style. Write sh*t once a year and vanish.



01/11/2022 11:53:49

Hey i am back to NE Wow after almost - 10-11 year.. 
I have 2 questions...
1) Do we have players on NE WOW?
2) I remember there was a link on NE WOW official website from where i had downloaded little part of wow and had started playing it immediately and after that it was getting downloaded as i play.. so need to wait for long time.

Anyone here who can help me with above two points please?
Thank you in Advance.! 

I remember DevSa - Undead Warrior : Hope you remembered me NOStalgic the ultimate TANK :p

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DevSa Prince



07/11/2022 10:52:46

Yes back after yearss... Feeling awesome.. but sad as well.. No one online.. 

don't know how but my full geared char.. lost all the things.. happy and sad both ..

Any GM or Blackswann can you please help with some good gears. I am planing to play 1 hour minimum on daily bases..



07/11/2022 10:57:30

Ok let me clear.. we are 3 friends back to server after long time.. NOStalgic convinced us to come back.. 

Looking forward to see the server full of players back very soon..



07/11/2022 12:20:19

So Yes we - Me, Prince and NOStalgic use to play earlier and now back to server.

Solitude - Can you please help us? Me and Price are ok but NOStalgic lost his all the gears.. He was the BEST tank on our server at that time. 

Need little support for him to get some gears :)



11/11/2022 04:39:32

I just can't imagine the degree of desperance of guys above to take a decision to come back here XDDD



04/12/2022 11:20:13

Hi, is anyone still playing here?? Trying to connect but can seem to find the realmlist.



23/02/2023 03:00:20

[font=arial, sans-serif]Is there someone who can give me a full, paladin or DK account to migrate it to another server and be able to play PVP, thanks for helping me[/font]

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