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How To Unlock Lost Warrior in DNF Duel
How To Unlock Lost Warrior in DNF Duel



01/03/2023 06:58:17

The last boss of DNF Duel‘s Story Mode, Lost Warrior, is actually a playable character that you can unlock for free in the game. To get this boss character, players will need to face the gauntlet of the game’s cast and defeat this boss in a head-on fight. Here’s how to unlock Lost Warrior if you want to play him in DNF Duel.

DNF Duel – How to unlock Lost Warrior the boss
You can unlock Lost Warrior in by completing the story mode with any character from the base roster. You will need to complete the entire story mode for that character which involves multiple fights and story chapters. It will not take too long, but once you finish it, you will have unlocked Lost Warrior for use in the game and training.

How To Defeat Lost Warrior
You should select whatever character you want to complete the Story mode, but it’s worth mentioning that picking a fighter with strong zoning resources like Launcher, Troubleshooter, or Hitman will give you an advantage. This is because Lost Warrior doesn’t block too much and most of his abilities require you to stay at a medium to close distance to him.

Once you defeat Lost Warrior, you’ll see the epilogue of the story and the credits will start rolling. Also, a message in the main menu saying that the character has been unlocked will be waiting for you.

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