Change log for 9/22/2017
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20:06, 22 Sep 2017 #232118

Fixed Quests
 Fixed reward text for Quest: Necklace Recovery, Take 2
 Fixed reward text for Quest: A Husband’s Last Battle
 Fixed Quest: “A Righteous Sermon” – NPC will now not walk through the wall and disappear after accepting quest.
 Fixed Quest: Blowing Hodir's Horn. You now have to complete “A Monument to the Fallen” in order to accept this quest.
 Fixed Quest: Tormenting the softknuckles. The Hardknuckle Matriarch does not remain hostile as an invisible mob attacking players in aggro range if the attacking player fails to kill the mob.
 Fixed Quest: The Demonic Scryer - Will now credit at end of event rather than after the first wave
 Fixed Quest: Raene’s Cleansing (Part 5)
 Fixed Quest: The Tower of Althalaxx (Part 4)
 Fixed Quest: Fallen Sky Lake
 Fixed Quest: The Ruins of Stardust
 Fixed Quest: Elune’s Tear
 Fixed Quest: Orendil’s Cure
 Fixed Quest: Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic
 Fixed Quest: Bathran’s Hair
 Fixed Quest: Message in a Bottle
 Fixed Quest: Stromgarde Badges
 Fixed Quest: Forsaken Diseases.
 Fixed Quest: Magical Analysis
 Fixed Quest: Wait for Sirra to Finish
 Fixed Quest: A Lost Master (Part 2)
 Fixed Quest: A Lost Master
 Fixed Quest: The Moss-twined Heart
 Fixed Quest: A Haunted History
 Fixed Quest: You, Robot
 Fixed Quest: A Boaring Time for Grulloc
 Fixed Quest: Surveying the Ruins
 Fixed Quest: Invaluable Asset Zapping
 Fixed Quest: A S**** with the Legion
 Fixed Quest: Sabotage the Warp-Gate!
 Fixed Quest: Evil Draws Near
 Fixed Quest: An Unseen Hand
 Fixed Quest: Clues in the Thicket
 Fixed Quest: Bandages for the Field.
 Fixed Quest: The Crimson Courier
 Fixed Quest: Stone is Better than cloth.
 Fixed Quest: Death from Below
 Fixed Quest: Battle of Hillsbrad
 Fixed Quest: Finish Me!
 Fixed Quest: Cultists Among Us
 Fixed Quest: The Masters Touch

Fixed NPCS
 Fixed WarpNPC
 Fixed gossip for Jangdor Swiftstrider
 Fixed gossip for Ravenholdt Guards
 Fixed gossip for Volcor
 Added missing text for Terl Arakor and Griniblix the Spectator.
 Fixed Z coordinates of some Orgrimmar NPCs
 Fixed NPC: Fallen Earthen Warrior.
 Fixed NPC: Arcatraz Sentinel.
 Fixed NPC: Time Watchers.
 Fixed NPC: Fizzles.
 Fixed Blightguard spawns.
 Fixed Attumen and Midnight not moving towards each other.
 Fixed some spawns in Borean Tundra.
 Removed double spawns from Death Knight Area.
 Fixed invalid equipment on Caynrus.
 Added missing Beryl Mage Hunter
 Added missing spawns in Sholazar Basin
 Added missing spawns in Voltarus
 Fixed NPC: Charles Worth - Will now gossip appropriately.
 Fixed NPC: Necro Overlord Mezhen
 Fixed NPC: Scarlet High Clerist
 Fixed NPC: Barkeep Daniels
 Fixed NPC: Innkeeper Farley
 Fixed NPC: Mona Everspring
 Fixed NPC: Dumphry
 Fixed NPC: Professor Phizzlethorpe
 Fixed NPC: Thule Ravenclaw
 Fixed NPC: Gath’llzogg
 Fixed NPC: Balgaras the Foul
 Fixed NPC: Pilot Stonegear
 Fixed NPC: Pilot Bellowfiz
 Fixed NPC: Elly Langston
 Fixed NPC: Jenn Langston
 Fixed NPC: Gazban
 Fixed NPC: Privateer Groy
 Fixed NPC: Lillith Nefara
 Fixed NPC: Brother Kristoff
 Fixed NPC: Garrick Padfoot
 Fixed NPC: Yarlyn Amberstill
 Fixed NPC: Caretaker Caice
 Fixed NPC: Devlin Agamand
 Fixed NPC: Sentinel Glynda NalShea
 Fixed NPC: First Mate Fitzsimmons
 Fixed NPC: Erich Lohan
 Fixed NPC: Barithras Moonshade
 Fixed NPC: Grimclaw
 Fixed NPC: Lizzarik
 Fixed NPC: Cerellean Whiteclaw
 Fixed NPC: Tavernkeep Smitts
 Fixed NPC: Shellene
 Fixed NPC: Infiltrator Marksen
 Fixed NPC: Voktori Prism’Antras
 Fixed NPC: Madame Eva
 Fixed NPC: Defias Messenger
 Fixed NPC: Hogan Ference
 Fixed NPC: Councilman Millstipe
 Fixed NPC: Lord Ello Ebonlocke
 Fixed NPC: Althea Ebonlocke
 Fixed NPC: Verna Furlbrow
 Fixed NPC: Tosamina
 Fixed NPC: Lil Timmy
 Fixed NPC: Zem Leeward
 Fixed NPC: Farmer Saldean
 Fixed NPC: Overseer Faedris
 Fixed NPC: Tivax the Breaker
 Fixed NPC: Crystalforge Bunny
 Fixed NPC: Hearthsinger Forresten
 Fixed NPC: North Sea Kraken
 Fixed NPC: Serfex the Reaver

• Improved Throim boss script:
- Fixed stormhammer casting and visuals.
- Fixed spell credits.
- Implemented removal of Impale when HP is higher than 90%.
- Corrected faction templates for the pre combat creatures.
- Implemeted Leap on the arena adds.
- Scripted lighting charge.
- Fixed timings.
- Corrections on the hallway encounters. (added knockback immunity to minibosses too)
- Fixed multiple blizzards issue.
- Lever will now reset properly, should players fail to get inside. This allows the door to be opened more than once during the combat.
- Corrections in the outro event.
- Implemented paralytic field traps on the hallway.
- Implemented Ancient Gate of the Keepers opening.
- Removed obsolete scripts.
- Swapped factions for pre-adds. (alliance should get horde trash and vs).
- Fixed Leap setting home position for adds.
- Runic Colossus should finish current Runic Explosion before beginning to attack.

• Auriaya script rewritten.
• Fixed Heigan the Unclean eruption event.
• Fixed various issue with Lich King encounter.
• Fixed Lord Marrowgar
• Kalecgos script rewritten.
• Razorscale script rewritten
• Auchindoun script fixed.


 Fixed problem with adding tokens to accounts from vendor system.
 Fixed login issue with authenticator codes.
 Added more login messages for backend to isolate problems with login failures.
 Fixed cross-realm/services chat system not finding name-data.
 Fixed GM commands that were causing server crashes.
 Fixed guardian pets to allow spell mods.
 Game clients should now show an on-screen message when you’ve fully explored an area for quest objectives.
 Added Missing Game Objects.
 Fixed issue where low health state remains after death.
 Fixed “Love is in the air” boss fight script. Will now say "Apothecaries! Give your life for the Crown!” at appropriate time.
 Fixed the radius of PBAoEs.
 Fixed proc for Paladin Tier 8 Holy 2-piece bonus.
 Fixed issue with creatures getting stuck in evade mode if a spell hits the creature as it is entering evade mode.
 Fixed spell proc for Deep Freeze.
 Fixed Focused Attacks proc with Mutilate.
 Fixed Line of Sight in Strand of the Ancients.
 Fixes to various GM commands.
 Fixed Warrior T10 Melee 4-piece bonus.
 Combustion will now properly go on cooldown when the buff is manually cancelled.
 Add missing spawn of The Alliance of Lordaeron
 Add some missing mailboxes in Undercity
 Added missing game objects for New Year’s eve and fireworks spectator.
 Add Authenticator System
 Add new token system to replace old custom item currency.
 Fixed Surveys for GM tickets.

 Fixed Authentication Sync System.
 Fixed Script for adding GM permissions to Staff Accounts.
 Created new API for various services.
 Added GM account view section.
 Fixed various links.
 Added GM command log check tool.
 Added Ban System and more command logs.
 Fixed Forums Tool.
 Fixed website support ticket system backend.
 Fixed forms not showing.
 Added Character list to account screen.
 Added function to change password.

 Fixed reload issue with player menu.
 Added Teleport menu.
 Fixed various typos.
 Added new Player Action system. (Kicks, Bans, etc.)
 Deleting tickets now turns GM whispers off.
 Added new commands that run upon login.

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