Wow is this server still alive?
01:44, 27 Nov 2017 #232431

Hello all,

Not sure if anyone knows me, I used to play on NEwow back in 2008-9 not sure the year was it 3.0.9 if I remember right? One of the last things I did there was the Neverendlesscon? Was that the name? The big event... Good old times, anyway I wonder if any of the old players are around?

01:49, 27 Nov 2017 #232432

Edit: Forgot to go into detail;

Draenei Shaman (Elemental)

Guild: Inner Sanctum if I remember right

Anyway, is Blackswann still the boss? Or is he gone?

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01:47, 28 Nov 2017 #232434

Hi, Dinoza!

Blackswann is still our proud owner, and we're proud to have him!

NE-Con was the event you're referring to. Definitely a fun event! A lot has changed since you've left back in 2009. But a lot of old players are coming back, and we hope you'll join us online too.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Welcome back!


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13:39, 10 Jan 2018 #232499

welcome back

00:19, 20 May 2018 #232678

Welcome back :D

03:55, 23 May 2018 #232686

when is the server busiest? i usually only see myself online, and no one else

08:09, 25 May 2018 #232687

Anyone of the old players are still here?
I miss the guys from "Union" and "Flawless" ... jesus that are almost 9 years?!

05:59, 26 May 2018 #232688

[color=#b0b0b0][font=Arial, sans-serif]welcome back[/font][/color]

07:48, 05 Jun 2018 #232689

I've just come back to check it out, after I got that email about policy changes.

@Echnaton I'm from Union, was a fully customed rogue called Amaurea. Was in that guild since it was first created.
Those were some of my favourite WoW days, both retail and private.

I'm seeing if my old rogue (still can log into it!) will have all it's custom items replaced for raid gear, they're all just empty slots.

02:11, 22 Dec 2018 #232694

Ally guys are here mostly i guess.

I dont know if you know horde side. I was the guild leader of WickedSick. 

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