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Not many World of Warcraft Private Servers these days have history. Everyone knows the names of the goliath servers that have survived punches and are still alive today. But there aren’t many of the old-school servers left.

“If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again.”

Neverendless-WoW has been around for 9+ years. Some of you will recognize this name for drama experienced long ago, now a distant memory. Some will recognize it as years of fun and excitement and see it as a server full of heritage. Either way, it’s hard to shake a first impression or experience, rumors, or stigma, whether it be positive or negative. But with a new day, an ever-changing private server world, and A NEW DREAM, Neverendless-WoW has gotten back up. And we’re ready to go again.
We are ready to start fresh with a new realm, a new core, a new website, a new attitude, and a new view on what it takes to truly be a top-notch private server. With 3x rates, our custom item system done away, a new staff in place, plus much more, we believe that after falling behind, Neverendless-WoW can once again be One Step Ahead.
Neverendless-WoW Generation II is currently in a beta phase, so we have some work to do. But we plan to take the private server experience to the next level. A condensed list of the features we’ve added so far since the creation of Generation II is:
  • Custom website
    • Forums
    • Vote Shop
    • Donation Shop
    • Support System
  • Consistently updated and improved TrinityCore
  • Integrated Systems
    • IRC, Discord and In-Game Chat are all linked together
    • Discord and Armory are linked together for character reference (currently in development beta)
  • Professional Management and Developers hand-picked based upon real life experience and profession
  • Custom in-game content that does not interfere with natural gameplay or create an unfair or unbalanced player base
  • Custom WoTLK 3.3.5a (12340) installer
  • Upgraded and brand new server hardware


Here is a list of what we wish to accomplish by mid-year:

  • Website
    • Knowledge Base
    • Armory
    • Bug-free web environment
  • Core
    • Work with trinity to make updating Neverendless-WoW easier, and provide trinity with fixes and updates in return
    • Upgraded custom warden system
  • Events
    • Have our BattleMaster staff create fun and unique yet blizzlike events for our playerbase
  • Staff
    • Updated and modernized application system and improved hiring, training, and customer service platform
  • Projects
    • As suggestions come in!

It’s easy to look at the past. We as a server are choosing to look forward and put the negative experiences behind us. With that said, we would absolutely love for everyone to take this journey forward with us to help us create for you, the players, the best private server experience possible. Same old name, completely different mindset.

Neverendless-WoW. One Step Ahead.

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Director, Projects and Server Progression

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