Neverendless-WoW Mid-Beta Update
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Neverendless-WoW Mid-Beta Update

Hello Neverendless-WoW players, prospective players, and staff! Now that March is upon us, it seemed that it is the appropriate time for us to update you all on the status of our Beta, what has been done over the past few months, and where we are headed. We will also present to you, in phases, our opening weekend plan and events. Read ahead to find all of this information and more (perhaps some hidden gems in there, as well)!


  • General Information:
    • Removed Custom Item System for a blizzlike gameplay
    • Altered rates to 3x experience, 2x gold drop, 2x item drop, 1x honor, and 1x reputation
    • Switched from a custom core to a TrinityCore in an effort to reduce the strain on our development team, allowing them to focus on bigger fixes and unique features
  • Public Features:
    • Account Panel
      • PM System
      • Attach a unique Neverendless-WoW authenticator
      • Forums panel
      • Password reset
      • Custom Neverendless-WoW email verification tool
      • Donation logs
      • Vote logs
      • Bans
      • Merge Action required panel (in the event of a merge or acquisition)
    • Support
      • Support tickets
    • Forums
      • Add new forums
      • Add forums permissions (user groups/ overrides)
      • Add Sub Forums
      • Add forum alerts / notices
      • Forum Moderation panel
  • Neverendless Staff Toolbox:
    • Accounts
      • Show bans
      • Show characters
      • Show account notes
      • Show linked accounts
      • Show donations
      • Show votes
      • Password change
      • In game actions
        • Send in-game mail
        • Kick
        • Mute
        • Ban
      • Authenticator Tools
    • Special Permissions system (RBAC Site, Custom RBAC for core, Discord Permissions, IRC Permissions, TS3 Permissions)
    • GameMaster Command Logs
    • Set vote points and donation chips
    • Character
      • Show items / spells / skills
      • Show CI Items from the Old realm for conversions
      • Show Guild / arena data
      • Show NE-Vendor Data
      • Online status
    • Store
      • Vote / donation (2 store modules)
      • Has Items that get sent by our special Mail Queue system
      • Services (issues a custom command with special requirements pulled from the database to the core to give reputation, skills, professions, etc.)
      • Special offers system
    • Blog Posts
      • Add/edit blog posts


Please view all of our change logs here:

Quite a lot has changed in the past few months. To see the full list, click the link above. Our major features are summarized here:

  • Majority of our website, most importantly the front page, account sections, and forums, have been made mobile friendly.
  • Forums have undergone a major overhaul and style change.
  • Extensive core improvements have been completed (courtesy of our Development team as well as TrinityCore)
  • Our Neverendless BattleMaster Event system, including token system and vendor, has been added
  • Full-time professional Neverendless Staff team has been completely compiled (minus developers, can’t have enough of those!)
  • Our cross-realm chat system has been tweaked and updated.
  • Extensive back-end administrative tools have been added, such as:
    • Admin Panel


  • Neverendless-PLUS
    • What is Neverendless-PLUS?
      • A system that allows access to remote chats outside of the discord cross-realm chat, such as guild chat, officer chat, and whispers.
      • Provides a website-based auction house, linking your mail, bags, and bank to the website server.
      • Allows you to see who is online from the website.
      • Provides GameMasters with a complete website-based ticket system that links tickets from in-game to out of game.
    • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 3 weeks, available in beta
  • Neverendless-WoW Armory
    • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 2 months
  • Complete Out-of-Game Support System
    • What is the OGSS?
      • Online ticket-based system for staff applications, general support, ban appeals, etc.
    • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 2-3 weeks, available in beta
  • Discord Faction System
    • What is the DFS?
      • Links your discord account to your preferred in-game faction, allowing for faction based discord events
      • Exclusive faction-based chats
    • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 1 month
  • Knowledge Base
    • What is the KB?
      • Knowledge base system that provides guides and instructions for almost all aspects unique to Neverendless-WoW, as well as game guides
    • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 1 month, available in beta

Below is what we’re calling the PHASE I Release for Opening Weekend. This means as time progresses we will release the event schedule in phases (3 to be exact). What is listed below is a master list of the events that we will be holding for the grand opening (a couple special events excluded). If you have any further suggestions, join #suggestions on our Discord.

  • Old raid achievement events like Sunwell Plateau.
  • Level 1 bomb dodge events
  • Level 1 PvP events
  • Regular PvP FFA and 1v1/2v2/3v3.
  • Pasta City Events
    • Manhunt
      • BattleMaster/Player will be selected to be the "prisoner" that horde must rescue and escort out of a place in the city towards the main gate, team will win upon the ViP reaching the city limits.
    • Defend the King
      • A horde team must infiltrate and kill a selected BattleMaster/Player in the throne room guarded by several Allies, Team will win when the invasion force either is killed or kills the VIP.
    • Escort
      • Escort/bounty hunt quest with BattleMaster/GameMaster as a side "boss" of sorts, one faction is assigned to hunt a BM target while the other faction must protect the target.
  • Level 1 gnome race
    • We summon them all to somewhere with hilly terrain, obstacles to run around/through, maybe with hostile mobs that can kill them.
  • Level 1 PvP humans vs. undeads in Karazhan crypts
  • Noggenfogger Roulette
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Hide & Seek
  • Trivia, this can include discord participation if they tell us what character they want rewards on.
  • BattleMaster hosted raids

We hope this update provides some valuable insight for everyone, as well as provides a reason for you to CONTINUE PLAYING, OR TRY US OUT! If you have any questions, contact Lornhane or Rayx on our Discord (

We hope to see you online!

Neverendless-WoW. One Step Ahead.


Director, Projects and Server Progression

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