Is this the good old NE?
13:29, 13 Apr 2018 #232668


I joined neverendless in 2009, and have recently had a pining to get back into WoW private servers. I just wondered, is this the same server as it was back then? Do all the old characters etc exist?

Luckily my password software remembered my website login, but i can't remember much more info about my old account!



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23:54, 22 Apr 2018 #232673

Yep! Same old Neverendless with a few changes such as a new core that is easier for our Developers to maintain and the removal of custom items. All of your characters should still be on your account but if you need help accessing them or you're missing something make a support ticket on the website and we'll see what we can do for you.

Welcome back to Neverendless!

12:42, 23 Apr 2018 #232674

Thanks, dude!  

Will create a ticket :D 

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