Hello NE 2020
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20:35, 20 Nov 2020 #232701

Hello friends of NE and of course the haters as well...

Neverendless Wow has been around since 2008 and has had uninterrupted service ever since. We are still open and operating even today. As the owner of NE, I have always said I would be the last one out the door the day the lights go out. I am here to tell you that although we have a tiny population, the lights are not in any danger of going out. Some of you may realize the last 2 years I have had a myriad of medical issues and spent many days in the hospital. Even with all these things, NE is up and running. I promise that we will do our part to keep NE online forever if possible. We currently have a handful of GM staff helping the users. We removed custom items as asked for several years to balance gameplay. At the moment Viarax is just too busy in his real-life job to push regular updates. With me doing PT, surgeries, and school I have not been able to corner him long enough to teach me how to pull, adjust, and update the core. We are in dire need of a development staff but of course, that costs money that I currently do not have but the financial base of the server does not support the cost either. Viarax is working on getting us into a newer core with no definite timeline for this project. I would like to see our current player base increase but that is going to be up to you the players to get old friends, classmates, workmates, and family to return. If you have ideas for these things let me know. NE is a large part of my life that I am very proud of for so many reasons I could write a paper on them. Let us put this out to the entire NE family, if you have ideas to help the server I am always available on discord. Let's get things back to the fun and enjoyment NE was known for together.

I love you allĀ 

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15:06, 23 Dec 2020 #232704

Hi Bobby,

After all these years we meet again.
Good to see the server is still up and running, might come have a look soon!


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