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DONE... Well sorta cuz we have some to do still
DONE... Well sorta cuz we have some to do still



05/09/2017 05:51:09

gg on restarting NE.....i see customs have been there going to be another donation system that will get ppl OP items?



05/09/2017 08:22:21

Great job on all the revamping! The new core is a definite improvement from what I've seen so far in terms of questing and dungeons. I think only Culling of Stratholme hasn't worked so far (and I'm told it was already reported.)

A suggestion for the teleporter because making the tokens cost in-game gold is sort of pointless. Instead, to help the server, it would be better to tie its use to voting, i.e. if you've voted on that account in the last day, you can then use the teleporter. Also OpenWoW vote site has been dead for nearly a year or so, time to look into replacements for it.

Seconding the rates. Less time needed for endless grinds/farming = more time spent actually enjoying the game. :) It's still "Blizzlike", just less frustrating and tedious than the Blizzard experience that was designed to be a time sink. On a free private server, that's unnecessary.

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