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UPDATE SEPT 7th 2016
UPDATE SEPT 7th 2016



07/09/2016 07:58:38

I can see the flames from some people coming out about the changes now. So want no customs, some wont stand for a full reset, some want more customs, and most of you want the core to be better. OK so lets address the core related issues first.

The old core is extremely custom due to the use of custom items and system related to gear. To a point that our three person dev team can not do anything to keep up and cant import fixes from the GIT branch of Trinity we are basically on. Without the customs we will be on the most current Trinity branch with all the fixes and far less bugs and exploits. To do this we have to get away from customs completely and then stay on track with the branch so that we maximize the game performance. That actually is a none starter with customs. The question then becomes the guilds banks and the economy as well as if there is a compensation program for donors.

Guild banks and gold would reset the economy very well. It would allow for people to farm mats and things so that even at higher levels with geared toons you would have work to do. This would also force an instant adjustment of the overall economy. We could potentially leave players with a preset gold amount at restart.

compensation is a complex issue and I will announce our plans over the coming weekend more then likely.

I said from the start of this topic/plan/discussion that this was not going to be popular with everyone. These are tough decisions for me and harder to place upon what I consider my NE family. All that being said it needs to be done or we need to consider closing the realm.

To show the community the new core we are planning to make an insta 80 realm with geared toons as a PTR as soon as possible. I do not want to stand on this date atm due to some server side issues that need to be worked out with our very gracious host. My currwent though is to do it for a weekend in September from the 16th-18th to ley you the players see the CORE... bugs, exploits, instances and raids, then we will close it. You will be creating test toons of sort on the PTR to see the core not to see your characters in the core. We will do a test for that later. I want to do this in steps so that we do not drop the ball anywhere.


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