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09/09/2018 07:23:22

The time has come to finalize the plans for our big marketing campaign. Many people have opinions on Neverendless, how we should run the server, what version of the server we should run, and the funniest of all is those that tell me we should get rid of the "Pay to Win" custom items. As I said it was pretty funny that people do not realize the customs came out of the database nearly one year ago. The other one that gets me to laugh is when they tell me on Facebook that they are missing their custom items. 

So let's try again and clear up some of the misleading stories out and about. 

1: We are only working on our 3.5.5 Wrath of the Lich King core. Until we have the population stable to the level to make others want to continue to play here.

2: The custom items have been removed and you are able to replace them with the BiS (best in slot) none legendary item of the same type on the same character. This means not moving an item to another character and begging me to do it just for you because you donated in the past. Please remember that donations were used for the server and only the server!

3: All item replacement will be done in game via the ticket system. The ticket needs to have the exact number of items the character is missing. List the item numbers for replacement in the ticket. 

I hope this clears up any confusion anyone has had. Also feel free to contact me here, in the forums, discord or facebook.


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