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Teamspeak Server Change
Teamspeak Server Change


Director, Operations

26/11/2012 01:51:08

Hello Neverendless!

We are changing Teamspeak servers today. What does this mean for you?

If you are not a part of a Guild with a Guild Channel in Teamspeak, just some minor adjusting. You will have to replace your avatar as it will not be transferred, and you will need to remove the ":9215" from the server address. Please see the TeamSpeak Connection Guide (freshly updated) if you need assistance connecting. As of this evening, you cannot connect to the old server.

However, if you are a Guild Master or Assistant Guild Master who currently holds a Guild Channel in our Teamspeak, you will have to contact Jem once on the new server to have your powers reinstated. For verification, you will need to use the same UID (unique ID) aka "Identity" as when you were first assigned powers.

Once you have been verified and your powers have been returned, you will need to reassign powers to your guild members. We do apologize for this inconvenience but thank you for your patience during this change.

If you do not have a Guild Channel currently and would like one, please go to this thread to fill out an application. You may have also noticed we have done a Guild Channel cleanup over the past two weeks and have removed channels for Guilds that appear without leadership or have an extremely low amount of members. If these Guilds wish to reclaim their channels, they must re-make an application and meet all requirements.

Please also note that channels that are not claimed by December 15 will be removed and the Guilds may thereafter re-apply for a channel.

Thank you, and enjoy the new server!



26/11/2012 07:55:12

Nice :)



29/11/2012 03:41:47

A O K!!!!

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