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Director, Operations

08/11/2012 07:26:37

You've all had the chance to see it on the Forums, and YES! it IS time to get ready for NEIdol! You may have heard some rumors recently about the competition being delayed or not going forward at all. I would like to reassure you that it will in fact go forward.

Due to some concerns brought to our attention, the competition will in fact be lengthened, so to speak. A qualification period is being implemented. The purpose of the qualification round is to ensure that participants in the running for prizes are in fact current, active members of the Neverendless Community who have an on-going interest in our server and the general Karaoke competitions.

Qualification Period

The Qualification Period begins November 18, 2012 and ends February 24, 2013. Between these dates you must attend and sing in a minimum of five (5) general Karaoke competitions which are held Sundays at 2 p.m. server time in the Neverendless Teamspeak.

The participant attending/singing for Qualification Period Karaoke events MUST be the same person who enters and competes in NEIdol. Voice samples may be taken to confirm continuity of participation. Participants must use the same TeamSpeak name throughout the competition, including during the Qualification Period and must be using the same IP (or for countries where IPs change regularly, country of origin) for every Karaoke and NEIdol Event beginning November 18, 2012.


Please watch for Announcements regarding the competition on the Neverendless Forums, in-game and on Facebook. The Community is encouraged to keep up with NEIdol News and Announcements, and to spread the word of the upcoming competition to friends, family and guildmates! The bigger the audience, the more exciting the events will be! ;)


Participant Schedule information is available on the Forums. Participants are required for communicating with the Judges and Staff regarding their NEIdol Schedule. Once you are scheduled for particular times, you must be present for your time or you risk forfeiture of the competition.

As stated above, the Qualification Period will run November 18, 2012 to February 24, 2013. The "main event" and official competition commences February 25: watch the Neverendless Idol Forum section for specific details.


There is still time to submit an application to be a Player Judge for NEIdol. Please see the Application for Player Judge post on the Forums for details. Applications must be submitted by November 10, 2012.

To qualify as a Player Judge, in addition to any requirements stated in the Forum section linked above, Player Judges must attend a minimum of 3 general Karaoke Events during the Qualification Period.

The Judging Panel will be composed of 3 Admin/Supervisors, 3 General Staff Members, 2 Players, and 1 Community Vote. Blackswann himself will serve as the Head Judge and retains full authority over all NEIdol goings-on.

Contestant Application

Players wishing to compete in NEIdol must submit an Application. Participation is dependent on adherence to all NEIdol Rules and Regulations, Karaoke Rules, Forum and Teamspeak Rules, and the Community Protection Policies and Procedures. Determination of qualifying contestants is ultimately at the discretion of Neverendless Management and is not open to debate or discussion.


Please see the Forums for details on all NEIdol Prizes.

Prizes during the Qualification Period are those given in general Karaoke Events, and other than for the purposes of qualification, these Karaokes do not have an effect on the subsequent NEIdol competition rounds.

Don't forget that some amazing prizes are available to the top 3 winners!

  • 1st Place Winner : 240 Chips*
  • 2nd Place Winner : 160 Chips
  • 3rd Place Winner : 75 Chips

* Chips awarded for NEIdol are NOT transferable once delivered.

Some special items, the [2012 NE Idol Mic] and the [NE Idol Finalist Tabard] are up for grabs as well! These souvenir items will allow you to forever commemorate your participation in this epic event. ;) (Arthas only, sorry Deathwing. :P)

Prizes will be awarded to the character and account of the Contestant's choice, with approval of the Head Judge.

Participants will also be featured on the Neverendless YouTube Channel during the official competition stage.


All those in attendance of any NEIdol Event must maintain appropriate respect to all Contestants, Participants, Judges, and Staff. Shows of disrespect will result in actions taken to your in-game and/or out-of-game accounts and can result in being barred from competition or spectatorship of the Events. Disrespect of the Contestants, Judges, or Competition itself that occurs outside actual Karaoke or NEIdol Events is also subject to consequences as per the Community Protection Policies and Procedures.

The Fine Print

Players who wish to receive clarification of rules can arrange to speak with an Admin in Teamspeak or by General Support Ticket but are discouraged from debating rules in public areas.

Players and contestants should note that negativity toward the competition, the Staff, or the Server and drama resulting from discussions of NEIdol may be grounds for being barred from the competition as a contestant or spectator and/or may result in actions taken against in-game or out-of-game accounts depending on the severity of the offense.

Unless otherwise stated, all existing Karaoke, Teamspeak, and general server rules (including those listed in the Community Protection Policies and Procedures) shall apply. Interpretation and enforcement of said rules is at the discretion of the Judges and Neverendless Management. Again, any player wishing for clarification of any of these rules may address an Admin privately in Teamspeak or via General Support ticket on the website.

Final Notes

Thank you in advance to all Participants, Players, Staff, and the entire Community--I know you will all make this a memorable event. Best of luck to all of you, and GO NEVERENDLESS (IDOL)! <3



08/11/2012 09:01:47

Im not sure whats point of this?



09/11/2012 12:24:53

Im not sure whats point of this?

You have to sing Mr. Smartypants



09/11/2012 06:04:45

I don't understand xP
Do we still use the application form? or not anymore...? xP
Also... anyone wanna help me practice? xD QQ i need to find a second band of choice D:



09/11/2012 09:07:55

Scarto "last online 72 days ago" lmao ,well i guess you won't have to worry about winning it .



09/11/2012 02:47:07

Scarto "last online 72 days ago" lmao ,well i guess you won't have to worry about winning it .

That's just NE Plus - He's been on recently, just a lot of people (including myself) got it and stopped using it



09/11/2012 07:53:50

The Participation post and Application post lead to 'Invalid' threads. I'm assuming this is because the competition has been postponed. Am I correct?




09/11/2012 10:22:35

Currently the Applications have been removed as the contest has been postponed until the end of Feb. They will be put back up again around Nov 18th when we start the pre-qualifying Karaoke rounds as explained by Ysabel in the post.



19/11/2012 01:53:08

Stay on topic please.....



24/11/2012 08:10:00

I will be singing Tupacs "Hit em up"

I'm sure to win!



17/12/2012 12:41:31

I like last idol beter i have no voice



23/12/2012 08:02:57

why deathwing offline sometimes ?

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