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Share Your Videos!
Share Your Videos!


Director, Operations

20/12/2012 03:44:06

We know that a lot of you enjoy making all kinds of WoW-related videos. Until now, your options have included uploading to YouTube and posting links on our forums. This tool will eliminate the need to do either of these things. We are now proud to offer the means for you to share your videos directly from our site, for all of Neverendless to see!

Take a peek at a sample video from Development Team.

How do I use this new tool?

  • Simply go to our Media section, where many of you are used to uploading and sharing your images with us.
  • Find the Upload Video link on the right side of the page.
  • Be sure to read and understand the rules and instructions. In addition to our rules, videos must adhere to the YouTube Requirements.
  • Select a category and fill in a title and description; click continue to proceed to the next screen.
  • Choose a file from your computer and click upload!
  • Uploading will take some time, depending on the size of your file.
  • Once complete, you will be taken to your video's page. There may be a slight delay in the availability of a thumbnail.

Please note that as with image uploads, all submissions are subject to approval by our Staff.

This tool is a 'beta' version and requires testing. Tweaking may be needed, so please do report any problems or issues in a Feedback support ticket. Whether the tool remains available long-term will depend on results of testing. Should significant technical or usage problems arise, the tool may be withdrawn indefinitely.

Thank you in advance for giving this a shot and for letting us know what you think! Enjoy!



20/12/2012 03:54:40


Already uploading.

~ Mauz



20/12/2012 07:17:42


You guys really never cease to amaze me with the unique progress that you make for the server! Kudos!



20/12/2012 07:30:40

I'm going to make an epic video, thanks Development Team for your thoughtfulness once again



21/12/2012 07:08:30

Updated a video...should be fun!!



22/12/2012 03:10:32

Thanks Development Team I love that you added it to the website, but is there any way you could make different sections for pics and videos in the media section. Like when you click on media have two categories Images and Videos, then have all the sub categories for both of them. That way we won't need to go through all the pics when we look for videos and vice versa.

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