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What does 'Access to your account has been disabled' mean?
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Last Updated: 20 Apr 2012

As of 15th April 2011, Neverendless requires all accounts to have a verified e-mail address. If your account does not have a verified e-mail address then you will receive this error when attempting to log into the game:

The error message you receive when trying to log into the game without verifying your e-mail address.
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Fixing this problem is very simple. Just log into the account here on the website and go to the Account Management section then to the e-mail section. You can also just click here.

If your e-mail address is not verified then what you see should look something like this:

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If the address on your account is still OK (part of it will be shown in the paragraph at the top of the page) then press the "Request Confirmation Code" button and ignore the next paragraph.

If you don't know if the address on your account is OK or if you want to change the address then enter your password and new e-mail address in the first form, and a confirmation code will be sent to the new address.

Go to your e-mail and find the one from If you can't find it, check your e-mail's spam/junk folder. If you still can't find it, make sure that is on your 'allow list'. You can re-send the confirmation e-mail from the website by putting your password and address in

When you find the e-mail, it will contain a 10-digit numerical code. Type that code into the e-mail settings page here on the website, like so: (Use the code that is sent to your e-mail, not the one in the picture)

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Press 'Confirm E-Mail' and your e-mail will be confirmed.

You will need to get a new code for each account if you have multiple accounts, but the good news is that we no longer require a different e-mail address for every account so you can give all your accounts the same e-mail if you really want.

If you're still having problems, create a support ticket here on the website and someone will look into the problem for you.