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Guide to Choosing the Correct Support Ticket
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Last Updated: 08 Sep 2013


A lot of your issues can be solved with a support ticket. As there are many different types of tickets, it is important that you choose the correct one so it can be handled quicker. They will all be explained here.
Please also note that if your problem is in-game such as a problem with a quest, NPC, or other in-game issue then please open a GM Ticket in-game. Instructions for opening an in-game ticket can be found > here <.

1.General Support ticket
This support ticket is for reporting problems that GM's can not fix in game, and which can not be handled in the other sections.

2.Ban Appeal
This support ticket is for handling requests about banned accounts. If you think you did not deserve your ban or want more information about your ban then you can make an appeal here. When an Appeal is made, the Administration will look over the ban and all included evidence and make a decision.

Please keep in mind that the act of appealing does not always result in acceptance. Please do not submit more than one appeal, as spamming the appeals will only delay the process.

3.Share Feedback & Ideas
Here you put your ideas for the community, depict how you think we can improve the server, and let us know how we can do better in our service to you!

4.Vote Shop Re-send/Transfer
If you have not received a vote shop item, or have sent it to the wrong character on the account you can request a re-send or a transfer with this form. Please read the rules below for information on which items are eligible. Submitting an ineligible item or character will result in an automatic denial of your request.

•The item lost will be returned to the character it was originally purchased with.
•The item may be transferred to another character on the same account if it was sent to the wrong character. This can only be done if the character who originally purchased the item still has it in their inventory.
•Items that may be returned are limited to Bind on Pickup items only.
•Consumable items that include, but are not limited to: Profession Materials, Food and Drink, Currency Items, etc., are not eligible to be returned.
•Items that cast spells on a player to learn such as Vanity Companions, Mounts and Receipe Tokens may be returned.
•Items that are usable by your character may not be exchanged or returned for a refund of the points spent. (Please choose carefully when selecting your items, or be prepared to vote for another item if you change your mind after receiving!)

•The window for item returns/transfers is one week after purchase from the vote shop.
•Neverendless reserves the right to deny any request not explicitly covered by these rules at our discretion.

5.Lost Donation Items
Sometimes your donation items can disappear in game due to D/Cs, Rollbacks, accidental deletion of item or of a character with donation items. So if your donation items are lost you can make a ticket to get them back here.

Note: You will need to have the Transaction IDs to get the items back.

6.Chip Transfer
This is for transferring chips from one account to another account. If you have too many chips on your account, want to gift friends, guildmates, etc with chips for birthdays or other special occassions or put your chips to the wrong account you should use this ticket.

Note: The person submitting the ticket must be the owner of the account that the chips are currently on and must be able to provide the Transaction ID for the original chip purchase.

7.Missing Chips
In this support ticket you can ask for your donation chips if you didn't get them in 12-24 hours after your donation says 'Complete'.

Note: Please do not use this form if a transaction was Rejected by Google Checkout.
You will need the transaction ID to submit this ticket.

8.Report a Staff Member
Fill in this support ticket if you feel you have been wronged or mistreated by a staff member. These reports are anonymous with only the Director of Operations reading them and making a decision for what course of action will be taken.

In order for the situation to be investigated properly you will have to give some proof to support your report. For example, screenshots, video and/or sound recordings.

9.Report a Player
If a player has tried to scam you, impersonate staff, hack, harass you or exploit in any way and is now offline, please make this ticket providing proper proof so we can investigate.

If you see a hacker and he is online, it is much better to make an in-game ticket so we can catch them in the act of hacking.

10.Report a Custom Item
This form is for any complaints against items that have been made that are against the Custom Item Rules. You should not use this ticket:

* If you're complaining about a spell/display/stat on your own custom item
* If something on your own item is broken
* If you didn't receive your item
* If you received your item on the wrong character
* If you feel you've waited too long for your item

NOTE: If you have any of the above issues please put in a Custom Item Repair Form

11.Custom Item Repair Form
Please use this form for any problems you have with you custom item. This includes: Invalid Display Models, a Missing Bonus, a Spell not working, incorrect stats or damage, etc. Please do not use this in attempt to recustomize your item as the request will be denied immediately. Please do not submit this form for anyone else's items, only your own. If you have a complaint about someone else's item, please use the Report a Custom Item form.

Note: If you were asked by a CI Member to repair your item to fix a stacking issue, this is the correct form.

12.Custom Sent to Wrong Character
Did you change your character name or put the wrong character on the form? Please use this form so that it can be rectified. This form is not for already made items that have been around a while to be sent to another character, this is only to move the item(s) to the character it was intended for but did not get there due to Staff or Player error on the original form.

13.Did Not Receive Custom Item
If your form has been completed, but you have not received the item, please use this form. Also use this form when your item has been sitting on ‘awaiting delivery’ status for more then 48 hours.

If you recustomized your item, please do not use this form. Recustomized items are not re-sent, they are changed on the actual item. To see these changes, please delete your Cache and reload your World of Warcraft.

14.Lost Authenticator
Fill out this form if you have lost access to your authenticator, for example if your phone has been lost, stolen, wiped, or if you have reinstalled the application and have a different serial number.

15.Resurrection Program Redemption
Fill out this form for your Resurrection Reward if you meet the following requirements:

•Your account was created prior to March 10, 2011.
•Your have not been active on the server between December 31, 2011 and March 30, 2012.
•You have been active for a minimum of 14 days since returning to the server. (Active is defined as having logged in-game on several occasions during the initial 14 days, and this interpretation is subject to Admin discretion.)
•You received an e-mail referring to the Resurrection Program and can provide the e-mail address it was sent to (which must be the e-mail address on your account).

NOTE: Only one account per e-mail address may receive this reward!

100 Neverendless Doubloons will be sent to the requested character if you meet the above requirements. Neverendless Doubloons may be redeemed at the Event Vendors in Shattrath City and are bind on account. While they may be mailed to other characters on your account, they are not tradeable by any other means and are non-transferable by staff members.

Thanks to Dextron for his contribution on this.