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Last Updated: 19 Aug 2011
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How to connect to Neverendless IRC with IceChat

IceChat is a chat client that is used to connect to IRC. More information about it can be found on the IceChat website.

Step 1: Download and install

Download the IceChat client from this link and then run the icechat-setup.exe file.

Step 2: Getting set up

Once IceChat has been installed, run IceChat from the icon on the desktop. The IceChat first time set up will appear and walk you through the process of choosing a default username and server.

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Once you have completed the first time setup the main IceChat window will open.

Step 3: Connecting

In the main window you should see a panel on the left side of the IceChat window titled 'Favorite Servers'. Under Favorite Servers will be a short list of default servers.

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If you can't see the Favorite Servers list, click on the words 'Favorite Servers'.

In the Favorite Servers list you should see 'irc.neverendless-wow.com' amongst the other server entries. Double click irc.neverendless-wow.com to connect to Neverendless IRC.

-Adding a server-

If, for whatever reason, irc.neverendless-wow.com does not appear in the Favorite Servers list you will need to add it.

To add a server, locate the 'Add New" button at the bottom of the Favorite Servers panel, or go to View -> Server List -> Add server.

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A small screen will appear that will guide you through the process of adding a server to the list.

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The screen will ask for:

On the last page, double check your settings and then make sure you click 'Save' or you will have to go through the add server process again.

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Finally, double click 'irc.neverendless-wow.com' in the Favorite Servers list to connect.

Upon connecting you will automatically join the main chat channel: #neverendless-wow. Feel free to join the conversation or just lurk for a bit. Happy chatting!