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Account Security
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Last Updated: 25 May 2013

Account Security

There still are many people that are getting "hacked", getting their accounts "stolen", getting items/accounts "scammed" etc. The reason I use "quotes" is that you as a player have the power to prevent these things with practicing account security, using common sense and exercising diligence.

So many times I have heard - "they stole my acct...." "i was hacked.." "he scammed me..." "he told me he was a GM..." - but when we question the player farther we find that they gave someone they did not know their user name and password, they went to some site that wasn't Neverendless' and put in their information, they gave items to a player in the mail without getting anything back, or they told information to a person that wasn't staff just because they said they were....

Neverendless will never give your account or personal information to other players. Neverendless has taken the appropriate efforts to protect your information by having your passwords encrypted, protecting database information and by limiting any account or personal information to the owner and select admins.
So we have done our part to protect the information you provide us and now you need to do your part by using some of the tools we can provide you and tools/information you have yourself.

Below we are going to discuss some of the ways that people will try and take your account and items from you and talk about some of the best ways to protect yourself from those people.

NOTE: Please read Blackswann's position on Account Security Here.


1. Things To Watch For:

1. Scams

These are some of the common scams you need to watch out for:

  • The most usual scam is when someone needs enchanting and such. They often require all the mats at one time. Dont do that! If you need mutliple items made, enchanted etc. you can try giving the person mats for one item at the time. If you dont get your item after that. Well.. You got scammed. But you did not lose all the mats. If you want something done, its probably best to ask friends and/or guildies to help you out. You can also buy the things you need at AH. I know it can be expensive. But as far as I know, nobody is able to scam you through the AH.

Because people who buy an enchant or sell an enchant may be scammed, Blizzard made us [Weapon Vellum III] & [Armor Vellum III]. Enchanters can buy them from AH and players who want an enchant can request to buy the scrolls instead of real time enchant. The best way not to get scammed is to use AH to buy things.

  • Some scammers try to steal your account by asking you if you want to get full wrathful or donor items. They might say that they just need your login-info so they can donate to your account. That's a scam! Never give away your login-info! NEVER!! If they really want to donate for you they can donate for chips on their own account and then request a Chip Transfer
  • And a issue that has come up lately: "Want to buy donor-chips for in-game gold"... That's a big NO! No need for further explanation.
  • Want To Trade (WTT) and Want To Buy (WTB) Characters. Don't do that! You are just gonna end up with no characters if you fall for that one.
  • Some scammers will pretend to be staff. They will whisper you claiming to be a GM/staff and tell you that they need to get on your account to verify something. They will then ask for your information. DO NOT give it. Remember Neverendless staff can be recognized by their "Blizz" tag [img]113[/img] and when they whisper you there will be the message [A GM would like to chat with you. Click here to begin.] in your chat window and a box will appear for you to click on the upper right of your screen by the mini map. [img]114[/img] When you click on the box it will open a window for you to talk with the Staff member - note the "Blizz" tag [img]115[/img]

**Do Not Scam in any way shape or form. Scamming for things such as chips for gold, trade scams or other sorts is illegal and not tolerated. If you have been scammed in such a manner (not account trading), please report it to staff immediately with a Report a Player Support Ticket. **


2. Account/Character Sharing

This seems fun in the beginning but what if you get into a fight with the person you share your account with and they change the info on the account or even delete things/characters on the account. Nobody will be happy when that happens! People can do strange things when they are mad, even family (brother, sister, cousins etc), so watch out with account sharing!

It is safer to not share an account at all. Remember accounts are free. Level and play your own character with your buddy not with your buddy sharing your character.


3. Account/Character Trading

I think I should not say this but account trading is not a smart thing to do, can't say a good thing about it... You know that if you trade an account and you lose it the server won't give support to get it back. People have their email setup on the account so when you trade it they will just ask for the account back! Or with donations on the account they will claim it was stolen and use the donations to prove ownership to take it back.

**Understand that if you trade your in-game account with other players, relatives and/or friends, we (Neverendless Staff) will not return anything lost or stolen. Custom items may be replaced if the correct transaction ID's are provided but only the items themselves.**


4. Account/Character Selling/Buying

Not only is this against the rules it is not a wise thing to do. The same issues that come with Account/Character trading apply here. This applies to buying an account/character with real currency/items or with in-game gold/items. While using real currency/items will get the account (and seller) banned neither is smart. The seller is usually trying to steal from you and Neverendless will not be able to get your currency/items (real or in-game) back if you fail to get what you are "buying".

**This is not a market place. Do not sell your accounts, characters, items, chips or otherwise here. Also do not break the global rules to attempt selling anything for real money, as it will result in a permanent ban (for the seller and the account sold).**


5. Account Hacking

Also this is not the servers fault! You can get keyloggers on your pc just by clicking links that don't belong to the server. Remember the server website is and watch for the .com. We don't support .org or or what ever else that is around. I have seen someone using the site to make the link smaller and hide a strange link in it. So again please don't trust strange links. If people want to show you something on the forum or on the website, ask where they found it so you can look it up yourself instead of just clicking a link.


2. Tools To Protect Yourself

There are many ways to protect your account but the best way is to be wise and know what the dangers are.
The above already tells you that you should keep your account information to yourself so that part is clear now I hope.

But there are more ways to keep your account safe!

1. Verify your email on all your accounts!

Not only do you have to verify your email to activate your account. It is wise to make sure you keep the email that is attached to your account active and current. In order for someone to make changes to your account (ie password or email) they must have access to the email of record on the account to verify ownership of the account from emails that Neverendless sends when changes are requested. Keeping the email up-to-date will also allow you to make changes to your password if someone gets access to your account.

NOTE: this is a new safety feature Neverendless has added for your protection please read about verifying your Email Here and changing your email Here.

2. Passwords

Make sure your password is not easy to guess. So don't make a password like "password" or the name of one of your characters. There are places that will randomly generate a password for you like PC Tools Password Generator that will help you get a secure password. Make sure if you write down your password and that you keep it in a safe spot you will remember for later.
Remember a person does not need to get ownership of your account, they just need to get onto it, to take items or delete your characters.

3. Virus Protection Software

You may be wondering why would you would need virus protection to play at Neverendless. Well what you actually need is good Virus Protection software which will scan your system regularly for Keyloggers, Trojans and Malware which can allow someone to steal your information. Clicking on an unsafe link can allow someone to give your computer one of these programs that will give them your Neverendless details. There are many types of Virus Protection Softwares out there including some free ones. It is wise for anyone that goes online to have one and to use it frequently.

4. Neverendless Authenticator

What is the Neverendless Authenticator?
The Neverendless Authenticator is an optional tool that offers World of Warcraft players an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorized account access. The Authenticator itself is a piece of software that runs on a cell phone.

How does the Neverendless Authenticator work?
You must first associate the Neverendless Authenticator to the World of Warcraft account you play. Once the account has been linked, the Authenticator token will be required to log into Account Management or to the game; when logging in, you will be prompted to supply a digital code generated by the Authenticator.

You can read more about the Authenticator in the Authenitcator FAQs or obtain one Here.

5. Report All Scammers and Account "Hackers"

You are wondering how will this help you. Well by reporting them you get them off the server, protecting you and others from having your accounts/items taken. They may not get something from you today but if they can get away with it today they will keep trying and they may deceive you tomorrow.
So report them with a Report a Player Support ticket providing proof so we can investigate the issue and get them off our server.

IF the worst happens and you lose control of your account you have the chance to get it back with the Lost Password feature as long as you control the email address associated with the account.

Neverendless no longer restores lost accounts for you. If you have lost control of your account we are unable to assist you in recovering it.

Remember account security is your responsibility and should be taken seriously. With the right tools and information it is not hard to protect your account. We at Neverendless can only help so much the rest is up to you.

Thanks to the contributions of Ghostrider, Angelscar and Akiya