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Detaching a Lost Authenticator
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Last Updated: 25 May 2013

Lost Authenticators

If you don't yet know what an Authenticator is or is for, please read the Authenticator FAQs first. ;)

If you have a mobile authenticator attached to your account and for whatever reason you are unable to access your authenticator (for example in the event that your phone is lost or damaged), you will need to fill in a Lost Authenticator support ticket.

You will need to provide the Account ID, Authenticator Serial Code and the date of the most recent successful login.

All authenticator users should please note that it very important to maintain a copy of the Authenticator Serial code in the event that the authenticator should need to be detached.

Upon submission of the form a staff member will assist you as soon as possible. Please check the status of your support ticket regulary in case more information is requested.

Once the Authenticator is detached from your account, you can attach a new serial to the account by following the instructions in the Authenticator section of your Account Management page.