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Neverendless Game Client Installer
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Last Updated: 01 Nov 2012


Please use the following guide to quickly and easily install the WOTLK (Arthas) and Cataclysm (Deathwing) clients using the Neverendless Game Client Installer.

Step 1: Download The Installer

Click here to download the Installer.

Find the location where you saved the file (for Windows users it generally defaults to your Downloads folder) and double click the file. You may get a dialogue box asking you if you in fact want to launch the .exe. You will of course need to click "yes."

Step 1
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Step 2: Launch the Installer

Choose which client you would like to install: WOTLK or Cataclysm.

Step 2
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Step 3: Choose Where to Save

Choose where you would like to install the client. You can click "Browse" to change the destination directory. After you have chosen where to install, click "Install."

Step 3
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Step 4: Allow the Game to Download

The Installer will take some time to download everything. Go make a snack and come back later. ;)

Step 4
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Step 5: Installation Complete!

Once the file has finished downloading, you're ready to play! You have the option to "Launch Game" or "Create Account" if you need to. You can also close the Installer with "Exit." There is no need to change the realmlist, it has already been set for Neverendless for you. Don't forget where you saved your client--you may want to make a shortcut to more easily open the game in the future. ;)

For additional assistance in creating and verifying an account, creating a shortcut to your game file or logging in, please see our Connection Guide for Arthas or Deathwing, as the case may be.

Step 5
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Thank you for using the Neverendless Installer, and welcome to Neverendless-WoW!