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Neverendless Newsletter - May 2015
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Last Updated: 08 May 2015

Welcome to the the Neverendless Newsletter! We hope to give you an overview of things that have happened you may not be aware of, upcoming news and more!

Please read our full text articles below, with articles referenced in our graphical teaser e-mail you might have received.

Table of Contents

New Transfer System

The wait is over!! Now players can transfer a qualifying character from another qualified WoW server to the Arthas 3.3.5 realm at Neverendless.

In order to keep things balanced, fair and simple we have decided to provide pre-defined transfer options which you can see from the chart below. The Basic (Package #1) for Free option or the Deluxe (Package #2) upgraded option for 75 Chips. By using these options it allows us to accept players from retail or MOP and Cata severs and have appropriate gear to give them as their current gear would be too high a level for our Wrath server. We also want players to join Neverendless with decent gear and be able to get right into PvPing, Dungeon/Raid running or joining events as soon as they log into our server.

For a limited time only we will be offering our Deluxe (Package #2) for 50 Chips instead of the usual 75 Chips. At this time this wonderful offer can be yours until April 30th (Midnight server time) ONLY. So get your transfer package with the reduced upgrade amount while it lasts.
NOTE: Your package may not be upgraded after the transfer request is submitted.

Basic Package 1*:

  • Level: 80
  • Mount-Ground: 1
  • Mount-Flying: 1
  • Riding Skill: Artisan
  • Gold: 5000
  • Doubloons**: 30
  • Reputation: 1 Exalted
  • Profession Skill w/ Recipes: 1 Main + 1 Secondary/gathering
  • Bags: 3x20sl
  • Gear/Weapons: Choice of S7(L245/251) OR T9(L232) for each slot based on class/faction

Deluxe Package 2*:

  • Level: 80
  • Mount-Ground: 2
  • Mount-Flying: 2
  • Riding Skill: Artisan + Cold Weather Flying
  • Gold: 10000
  • Doubloons**: 100
  • Vote Points***: 100
  • Reputation: 2 Exalted
  • Profession Skill w/ Recipes: 2 Main/Gathering + 1 Secondary
  • Bags: 4x36sl
  • Gear/Weapons: Choice of S8(L264/270) OR T10(L258/264) for each slot based on class/faction

* Neverendless reserves the right to change the items offered in the package at anytime. What is offered on the actual Transfer Request form will be considered the Current Transfer offer available.

** Doubloons can be used at our in-game vendor to obtain items such as gear, mounts, pets or miscellaneous items.
*** Vote points can be used in our Vote shop to obtain most items in game exclusive of items offered in the Donation shop.[/I]

* * * *


To qualify for either transfer option you must:

  • Be from a server that has 15x rates or less
    • NO instant level servers or level 256 servers allowed
  • Create a new character on Arthas
    • Character must have been created in the last 7 days
    • Account must have been created in the last 7 days
  • Choose to do either the Basic or Deluxe transfer option

Currently we will be offering transfers without screenshot/armory confirmation, but this may change at any time. All other requirements must be met.

NOTE: At this time ALL DeathKnights MUST still complete the initial quest series in the DeathKnight starting zone in order to get required class spells, mounts and talents etc that are only obtainable through doing those starter quests.

If you feel you have a character that qualifies and you would like to join Neverendless' Arthas Realm, please fill in the Transfer Application. (You can also use the menu located at the left side of the home page.)

NOTE: Neverendless Staff/Admins have the right to deny any transfer requests for reasons that include but are not limited to:

  • Does not meet the requirements
  • Incomplete application
  • Character already transferred - ie duplicate application

Neverendless also reserves the right to limit the number of transfers per person to a reasonable amount as determined by Neverendless Management.

* * * *

Development Updates

Our developers have been busy. They have put in many updates especially to Arthas. Most dungeons are now working as planned, as well as many quest fixes have been implemented. We are also working on updates for our Deathwing (Cata) and Hellscream (MOP) realms as well.

We have a new Bug reporting system that can be found in the side menu of the Website Home Page or at this link. Please ensure you report bugs that you find so the devs can work at fixing them.

* * * *

Custom System Changes

In spring of 2014 we started using a new custom system so if you had customs before this date you will need to reclaim your items. You can find out more about the new system by reading the Customs Reclaim guide here.

If you have already reclaimed your items and are still missing some Customs then please fill in a Did Not Receive Custom Item support ticket to have your Custom item(s) resent. Please keep in mind that this form is for Custom Items only, and all necessary fields need to be filled out appropriately so that we can expedite your requests and get those items returned to you. You may fill out a form for more than one item, but please only use one form per character. This is to avoid confusion.

* * * *

Vote Shop Specials

As usual we have many Specials available in the Vote Shop this month: don't miss out! We are also introducing the "Limited Availability" feature: Seasonal and World Event items will be available in the Vote Shop during the appropriate times but will not be otherwise obtainable as they are not usable outside their respective events/times. The next special event will be the Midsummer Fire Festival* which runs from June 20 to July 4, and related items will be available then! Please take a look at the specials, and of course, don't forget to VOTE daily!

*NOTE: Neverendless may not offer all the items/quests etc described in this link - remember Retail is on a different patch

* * * *


Have YOU ever wanted to be staff on Neverendless? We have a lot of opportunities at the moment for you if you feel you want to be a part of staff and help us keep this server one of the best! There are so many different departments you can apply for so whatever way you want to help there is a department for you!
At the moment we are recruiting for the following:

The applications for staff are in the support ticket section of the website. You can read a little more about each department when you click on the application form, so have a good read and check that it’s the department for you!

* * * *


Thank you to the following staff members who contributed this Neverendless's Newsletter!

  • Jem
  • Viarax