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Hello Neverendless-WoW!

As the question arises quite frequently, we wanted to firmly put to rest any questions about our bug reporting and tracking process. The process starts with you, the players. The first step is to submit a bug report via our online system. We have made easy to fill out forms, which have been linked below.Ignore that the title says PTR; by reporting the bugs using this form you will be giving us the information we need.

Our Development Supervisor Pastarain will get a GM in-game staff member to verify and duplicate the bug. Once verified the bug will be transferred to the GIT tracker for assignment after Pastarian checks the Trinity Wiki and sees if it is already reported to them and if they have a fix or not. If not, we will go through the next steps to begin the process of fixing it ourselves.

By reporting all the bugs you find, you will be making Neverendless-WoW a better place to play, so we thank you for any reports you provide.



Understand these reports are the player's way to tell us there is an issue. If you do not report it, we can't look into anything. It is vital to everyone concerned that we use the new system that has been professionally designed for best practices in Agile development methods. Now because it is reported it may not be addressed instantly. Let's explain how this process works under the hood...

    Report the bug via forms provided. GM staff will verify bug and submit detailed analysis form to GIT tracker for dev supervisor Dev supervisor will decide if the bug is quick or complex repair If it is a fast repair, the Dev supervisor will either fix it himself or assign to a Jr. Developer. If forwarded to the [b] "COMPLEX"[/b] genre the dev supervisor or dev admin will scour the Trinity Wiki and bug tracker for known issues. If determined to be a known issue that Trinity is actively in development or we will wait for the upcoming fix. If it is not actively being worked on, we will assign a dev, schedule time and proceed. Once complete the fix will be sent to Trinity for approval and merger to the current branch. If it is a complex repair, the dev supervisor will add the issue to weekly dev meeting agenda and will discuss the best practices approach to follow for repair. [b]EVERY[/b] complex repair will be sent to Trinity for approval and merger to the main branch of the 3.35 tree



There is a bug with npcs disappearing when you try to turn in "You'll Need A Bear" in storm peaks for the sons of hodir questline.



Helloo ... Can someone check the paladin talents,when Art of War is active the flashlight should be instant and it is not....thnx a lot...

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